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3 Indicators Beginner Crypto Traders Should Use, According to Pros

Trying to navigate the cryptocurrency world as a novice trader can be overwhelming. To help you make wise decisions, there are currently a few important indicators that you can use. Here are three indicators for beginners that experienced traders advise:.


The volume of trading.

The total number of cryptocurrency tokens traded within a given time period, typically 24 hours, is referred to as the trading volume. A high trading volume indicates that there is active trading going on and that there is broad interest in the asset. On the other hand, a low trading volume suggests that there may be less interest in or liquidity in the asset.


The trading volume of the cryptocurrencies you are interested in should be taken into consideration if you are a novice trader. A popular and established cryptocurrency may have higher trading volumes, which can increase stability and security. On the other hand, lower trading volumes may signal greater volatility, which means that the price may change dramatically in a brief period of time.


Capitalization of the market.

The total value of all circulating cryptocurrencies is their market capitalization, also known as their “market cap.”. The total number of coins or tokens multiplied by their current market value yields the calculation.


Market capitalization can be a helpful indicator for a novice trader to determine the overall size and health of a cryptocurrency. The general consensus is that cryptocurrencies with larger market capitalizations are more established and less volatile than those with smaller market caps. But keep in mind that market cap is just one indicator, and you should always do extensive research before making any trading decisions.


Price Trends.

Price trends are the historical patterns of price changes over time for a particular cryptocurrency. As a beginner trader, you should look for trends in the price of the cryptocurrency you are interested in to help you find potential buying or selling opportunities.


You can use technical analysis tools, such as charts and graphs, to examine price trends. Consider patterns like higher highs and higher lows or lower highs and lower lows. These patterns can show whether the cryptocurrency is on an upward or downward trend.



Key indicators like trading volume, market capitalization, and price trends are crucial for newcomers to the cryptocurrency market to pay attention to. You can increase your chances of success in the risky world of cryptocurrencies by using these indicators to help you make more informed trading decisions.

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