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Bitcoin market cap ‘flips’ payments giant Visa for the 3rd time

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  • February 20, 2023
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While the breakdown of FTX shaved $100 billion off of BTC’s market cap in only four days last year, BTC has figured out how to completely recuperate and stack on another $65 billion.

Yet again a 48% Bitcoin BTC down $24,484 cost flood starting from the beginning of the year has pushed BTC’s market cap past that of installment handling monster Visa.

With the BTC cost presently at $24,365, its market cap of $470.16 billion is currently imperceptibly over that of Visa, which has a market cap of $469.87 billion, as per CoinMarketCap.

This is the third time that BTC has “flippened” the market cap of Visa, as indicated by Organizations Market Cap.

The initial opportunity arrived in late December 2020, when BTC likewise ended up hitting $25,000 interestingly. This was accomplished during a cost flood that saw BTC rally from $10,200 in September 2020 to $63,170 seven months after the fact, in April 2021.

Visa re-started to lead the pack among June and October 2022, which then, at that point, saw BTC outperform Visa for an exceptionally short second on Oct. 1 preceding the installments organization re-caught the lead once more.

This lead was extended when the breakdown of cryptographic money trade FTX shaved off more than $100 billion from the BTC in four days between Nov. 6-10, 2022.

Notwithstanding, from that point forward, BTC has completely recuperated and stacked an extra $65 billion on top of its Nov. 6 market cap of $408 billion to surpass the installment handling monster.

It ought to be significant that given the little contrast in market cap among BTC and Visa, the two are right now flipping each other constantly.

Concerning BTC’s amazing beginning to 2023, its third “flippening” of Visa came on the rear of 14 sequential long stretches of cost increments between Jan. 4-17.

BTC is likewise well in front of the second biggest installment handling network Mastercard, which presently has a market cap of $345.24 billion, as per Google Money.

BTC is still anyway down 63% from its record-breaking high of $69,044, which it arrived at on Nov. 10, 2021.

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