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Gagsty provides users with an online platform and social media website and allows users to upload and share memes and funny videos to the Gagsty Platform. Not only this, but Gagsty also pays users for every post. We take the rights of intellectual property owners very seriously and comply as a service provider with all applicable provisions of the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

We respect the rights of copyright owners and we ask that you do the same. No post may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form without the prior written permission of the creator.

What is Copyright?

A copyright is a collection of rights that automatically vest to someone who creates original content – like memes, funny videos, or stories. These rights include the right to reproduce the work, to prepare derivative works, to distribute copies, and to perform and display the work publicly.

The basis for copyright protection stems directly from the U.S. Constitution. The Framers believed that securing the exclusive rights of content creators to their content for limited periods would promote the progress.

We strongly encourage users of the Gagsty Platform to familiarize themselves with copyright law before uploading content on the Gagsty Platform. We offer the following links to copyright law resources for informational purposes only:

How to be protected by Copyright?

To be original, the work must be creative. In other words, it cannot be copied from somewhere else. The work should always be unique, imaginative, or inventive. If you did not create the work and do not have the consent of the copyright holder to publish or use it (e.g., upload it to the Gagsty Platform), your use of that work may be unauthorized and you may be subject to liability for copyright infringement.

What happens if I upload content to the Gagsty Platform for which I don’t own the copyright, have a license to use the work, or have the consent of the copyright holder?

If you upload content and you don’t own the copyright and don’t have permission to upload, reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, or create a derivative work of that content or any portion of that content, you may be sued by the copyright owner thereof for copyright infringement. The damages for copyright infringement can be severe. In the United States, statutory damages (available to a copyright owner without proving actual harm) can range from $750 – $30,000 per work infringed, and run as high as $150,000 for willful infringement. Damages vary in other jurisdictions.

If we are notified that the material you have uploaded to the Gagsty Platform infringes on someone’s copyright, we will notify you and take down the content you posted. This is required by law. If you persist in uploading unauthorized content, we will, pursuant to our Repeat Infringer Policy, ban you from using the Gagsty Platform.

What about fair use?

The “fair use” doctrine is an affirmative defence to copyright infringement in the United States that allows the use of a work for certain limited purposes such as criticism, commentary, parody, news reporting, research, and teaching. Fair use is a complicated doctrine, and it is an open question whether a particular use of a copyrighted work constitutes fair use. You are responsible for the content you upload to the Gagsty Platform and may be liable for money damages if it is determined that you wrongly assumed that your use of certain content constituted “fair use”.

We offer the following links to various copyright law resources relating to the fair use doctrine for informational purposes only:




If you want to report content that you believe violates or infringes your copyright, please fill out the Gagsty DMCA Copyright Infringement Notification form below. Note that a report alleging infringement or violation of legal rights must come from the rights owner or someone authorized to report on their behalf (e.g. attorney, agent). If you are not the rights owner or their authorized representative, we will not be able to process your report.