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Genesis Horses in the Home Straight: Dubai Verse Cup Announces Initial Public Sale of its $DVCC Tokens

Dubai, 9 February 2023: The much-awaited announcement for horse racing and metaverse gaming enthusiasts is finally here! Dubai Verse Cup, the unique play-to-earn (P2E) horse racing game, has announced the Initial Public Sale of its $DVCC tokens in the form of Genesis Horses between 12-15 February 2023, on

The hands-down ultimate fusion of horse racing, NFTs, and VR gaming, Dubai Verse Horse Racing allows players to become horse masters and stable owners and earn $DVCC (Dubai Verse Cryptocurrency) by racing, trading, or upgrading their NFTs. With DVCC Tokenomics, NFTs are not merely collector’s items in this game; $DVCC is a utility token and in-game currency that can be used for NFT purchases, gameplay entry fees, and as performance rewards.

Describing how Genesis Horses will generate an ever-increasing value, Mr. Vincent, CEO of Dubai Verse Cup, said: “Thanks to the extensive efforts by our team, players can now claim $DVCC tokens and use them to purchase exclusive racehorse NFTs and equipment for a fully integrated DVCC metaverse experience. As a fundamental currency, DVCC tokens help us monitor and govern all Play-to-Earn activities. “

“As part of our top-line Tokenomics, $DVCCs will be circulated to ensure sustainable merits and awards for players using the P2E model,” Mr. Vincent explained, “We cannot wait to welcome $DVCC holders, riding their horses across our extensive Dubai-based metaverse.”

There will also be three types of Genesis horses NFTs including 1 Digit, 2 Digit, and 3 Digit horses NFTs, and all horses are SSR grade, and those horses featured in the NFTs are also Genesis horses.

Furthermore, whenever a user buys an NFT, they will get a ticket to the Dubai World Cup Final, as will be two types of Valentine’s Day limited edition horses NFTs. Where edition 1 is limited to 50 and edition 2 is limited to 200.

Benefiting from the P2E model, players can earn real-time valuable $DVCCs as gameplay awards based on their activities and performance. Players are advised to make haste and purchase their $DVCC tokens ASAP from


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