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Grand Launching of Pokemon U in this December

Presenting a Christmas Gift to you on 26th December, 2022. Pokémon U is now launched on Christmas,  as promised earlier. In this P2E virtual world you can start earning money by buying Poké Balls, and if your Poké Ball manages to capture Pokémon, you will receive a reward from the developer. 

There are many trainers around the world, though there are only a handful of Poké Balls. Trainers must therefore hook Poké Balls with each other!

Let us become a new Pokémon Trainer, and start earning as you progress to become the Legendary Pokémon U Trainer!

Everything you spend or earn in Pokémon U is in USDT. All crypto assets are stored in an encrypted cold wallet to ensure the safety of your funds.

Trainers start by using USDT to buy Pokéballs from other trainers. These Poké Balls gain value through an 8-12 hour hunting period. After the hunting period, your Pokéball gains +5% value and is automatically listed in our PokéCenter, waiting for another trainer to purchase it. You will receive USDT directly into your account.

Additionally  if you’ve caught a Pokémon, developers will also reward you with USDT. Earn up to 8,888 USDT when you catch one of the rarest Pokemon.

Be the first to collect all Pokémon, get the Legendary BADGE, and walk away with the grand prize of 50,000 USDT.

Create your Pokemon U account at and experience your first hunt with Pokemon U and earn $2 USDT for free! Your trial poke balls are waiting for you in the Bulletin Board.

So, start now! Catch all the wild Pokémon today!

Experience your first hunt with Pokémon U and earn $2 USDT for free!

  1. Create a Pokémon U account at
  2. Receive your “trial poké ball” in [Bulletin Board]
  3. After a hunting period of 7 hours! Click [Pre-list]
  4. Wait for the [Pre-list] countdown timer to end and watch your Poké ball get snatched!
  5. Receive $2 USDT when your hunt is completed.

*Only applicable for newly registered trainers!

Terms and conditions applied.



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