Innovations in cybersecurity are laying new foundations to defend against unwanted attacks on business networks. Adoption of new working environments during the Covid crisis made the role of cybersecurity even more vital than before. The acceleration of digital transformation, as well as the development of innovative technologies affected the current situation by raising the number of cyberattacks at a record high. Hybrid work and digital business processes in the cloud have introduced new risks. At the same time, sophisticated ransomware, attacks on the digital supply chain and deeply embedded vulnerabilities have exposed technology gaps and skills shortages. Attackers are benefiting from every vulnerability, however innovations in cybersecurity initiated major breakthroughs in this domain. It is essential for cybersecurity professionals to be innovative and put innovations in this field into practice since we’re moving to a digitally enabled future.

The 5th Edition Cyber Security and Innovation Summit aims to bring all stakeholders under one platform to accelerate our innovation journey in a sustainable and safe way and address new risks, reframe the security practice, and rethink technology, as well as preparing to respond to new threats.


Intercontinental City Stars CAIRO, EGYPT

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