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What is A3: Still Alive?
▶ A3: STILL ALIVE is a dark fantasy open-world RPG with blockchain eco system.◀

ITU <-> MBXL <-> MBX

DEX will be implemented on 26th of April 2022!!!

MBX can be monetized by ohter coins such as Klays and ETC

So, Stay tuned!

▣ Game Features

◆ New Inetrion Dungeon Open! - Hunt in the new Inetrion dungeon and collect special Inetrion Ore!

◆ Power Up support for quick Inetrion hunting! Check out Inetrion Express!

- Upon using Inetrion Express, all relevant level achievements and applicable main quests will be cleared.

- You can get at least 4,300,000 Combat Power and Equipment/Soul Linkers/Accessories from the Premium Inetrion Express!

▶ Dark Presence: Open-field 100 vs 100 large scale battle mode with unrestricted PK between two teams in the darkness!

▶ Battle Royale: A survival game mode that ends with a sole victor. ◀ A real-time battle for survival where 30 players fight under the same conditions!

▶ Soul Linkers: The next generation of battle partners. ◀ Strategically select your Soul Linkers based on the situation to become the ruler of the battlefield! There are over 270+ different kinds of Soul Linkers sorted into 3 types: ATK, DEF, and SUPP.

▶ Guilds: Tackle various strategic battles with fellow guild members. ◀ [Conquest] Steal or be stolen from! Conquer more territory while battling the opposing guild! And get tax from Inetrion Dungeon! [Forte's Seal] Enjoy multiplayer mode with guild-exclusive raids!

▶ Vast Open World! ◀

Explore rich environments such as snowfields, deserts, forests, and more!

▶ 6 Different Classes With Unique Play Styles◀

Templar, Wizard, Berserker, Archer, Assassin, Schlola

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