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What is Abiogenesis® NFT?
A fully decentralized gaming and finance system that will run on the Solana protocol and will be presented to the users in a unique interface merging the mechanics of blockchain and in-game options.

Abiogenesis® NFT will be using BEP-20 BSC as main in-game currency and will run the main game under Solana protocol.

ABIOGENESIS® created a play-to-earn system where players can be rewarded tokens and other essential blockchain items through the means of mining, hunting and battling in the PVP arena.

Blockchain items gathered in-game can be sold, rented and staked through the internal/external marketplace.

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A new era of gaming begins
The introduction of in-game assets in the present gaming industry faces certain dilemmas, one such issue is real ownership, hence limiting the boundaries and options of players who purchased in-game assets using fiat currency.
Trading in-game assets are beneficial to all gamers alike. It constitutes notable advances for player empowerment. The ability to liquidate in-game assets as one wishes decisively guarantees players to get in and out of the virtual world created by them and for them.
The Ethereum blockchain introduced NFT or non-fungible token for true ownership and verifiability of in-game assets. NFT or non-fungible token was introduced in the form of digital assets that represent real objects, different types of art forms, and the latest addition is music.
However, the most revolutionary advancement in NFT is the integration of in-game assets to the ever-expanding system of the blockchain network, which is the core and the same technology that harnesses cryptocurrencies.
Blockchain technology not only drastically altered the boundaries of the gaming industry but also paved the way for a real decentralized system for games that incorporates a play-to-earn system, censorship resistance, smart contracts for faster transactions, and interoperable profiles for the players.
However, some if not most of the so-called play-to-earn blockchain games don't live up to their claim. Some opted to, unwillingly or willingly, defraud players costly damaging the gaming community. While others claim to be blockchain-based in its entirety but to be discovered later on that they aren’t what they claim to be.
The creation of real blockchain-based games ensures real ownership and liquidation profitability for all gamers alike. Ultimately, it empowers them for the effort and contribution that they have made to usher in a new evolution in the gaming industry.

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