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What is Alchemy Toys?
The game is very similar to the classic alchemy game – you collect token “cards” and “melt” them into new ones. A collection of all token types gives you a key to the treasury. When a single game (=epoch) is won by a player, the next one starts. For the new epoch you keep the cards that you have not used in the last one.

The game offers many ways to play and profit using your own unique strategies. Collect & Play, Trade, Stake! DeFi included!

GAT Network was built with a focus on bringing additional value to NFTs, not just as pieces of art, but as functional devices with additional intrinsic value. This has been achieved through the introduction of fun and creative games that utilise NFTs in different ways with compelling gameplay.The ecosystem also introduces a powerful NFT exchange designed to trade the gaming NFTs that players have collected, this is known as Minted Vodka. There are also many market opportunities to offer these games and platforms as services to third parties to generate additional income which can be funnelled into future development, game rewards, and staking opportunities for the ecosystem’.

GAT tokens are the original core token of the GAT Network, these are used for staking for rewards, playing Alchemy Arena, and for premium deals in Minted Vodka. Additional use cases are anticipated as the functionality of Minted Vodka grows. Staking opportunities include staking liquidity on BakerySwap in exchange for BAKE tokens, staking on Alchemy Toys for a share of the treasury, and staking on Minted Vodka for rewards such as GameAce NFTs. GAT was issued with a fixed supply of 1,000,000 tokens, and is deflationary since the introduction of Alchemy Arena which causes a share of staked GAT to be burned. GATe are the new core tokens of the GAT Network, every existing GAT token can be exchanged 1:1 for GATe tokens, and these will eventually replace GAT for functionality in the GAT Network. GATe is being issues with a fixed supply of 2,000,000 tokens, and is deflationary in the same way as GAT (GAT tokens that have been burned will not be able to be exchanged for GATe and are thus also able to be treated as if they are burned). The issuance of GATe tokens will not immediately impact the circulating supply, and the additional tokens will only be gradually issued over time, some supply being locked even as it's distributed as needed. Please see the Tokenomics later in the document for more information

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