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Alpa Kingdom is a virtual world, built on Web3.0, that runs parallel to the real one. Functioning as a vast and traversable online world with monetary assets, social methods and complete spatial perception and physical rules, it’s not only independent of the real world, but complementary to it. Players can simply play the game to get handsome earnings. In the game, players can fight and trade fantastic creatures collectively called Alpa, etc.

Based on high quality game development, we aim to offer players a fun gaming environment, and then create a community around it to boost creativity and value in the community and also enable everybody to get economic returns.

Players’ in-game properties appear in the form of NFT produced based on contract ERC-721. In the game, NFT can be traded on the market, and also sold to other players via P2P.

We hope to develop the game and also explore the endless application scenarios of NFT together with players, creating properties of NFT that will be widely recognized throughout the world and granting every side of NFT unique value.

Players may earn NFT in the following ways:

· Fight PvP combats to reach a high position for a reward.

· Cultivate Alpas and sell them on the market.

· Collect rare Alpas such as the purebred Alpa and those who owns rare skills and talents.

· Sell the items required to cultivate Alpas.

· Join in the homestead events, score a win in the daily championship, sell the items produced in the homestead on the market.

We are not only developers but also players. We firmly believe we can perfectly blend work and entertainment in the future.

Welcome to the fantastic world of Alpa Kingdom!

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