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What is Altered Battleground?
In this world you can stand out in multiple areas of play in which according to your skills you can be rewarded for both pvp combats, as well as for exploring the open world, making new nfts objects or creating dungeons with personalized experiences

As for the economy, you will soon be able to help as a financier competitive teams that raise the flag of your guild very high, you will also be able to charge tickets to custom dungeons and more ...

Main features:

* Massively multiplayer open world

* Professions for making NFTs (blacksmith, furrier, sorceress ...)

* system of abilities and powers according to the team (combat strategy)

* Public battles for fun and competitive battles with token prizes

* Private duels, whoever wins gets the opponent's entry tokens

* Renewal of NFT equipment and token burning system.

* Low prices for NFT and the possibility to get free equipment (leaderboards, Bosses, Craft) according to the player's ability (not Pay to win)

* Transparent system for the use of tokens in the game, where users do not need to know the world of cryptocurrencies to enjoy the experience.

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