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What is Ancient's World?
Ancient's World is an innovative 2.5D graphic MMORPG with a player driven economy providing a Play-to-Earn possibility. Combining the concept of DeFi and NFT. Inspired by the lore 'Cosmic Horror' created by H.P Lovecraft as it's background theme. Ancient's World provides a sustainable economy and ownership through Blockchain and NFT assets technology on Binance Smart Chain.  The game is developed in a way that players can participate and earn in the economy through various activities like hunting, battling, NFT staking, farming, crafting, enhancing, land owning, managing resources, exploring and discovering lores involved in quests. A whole market of trading with others players, buying and selling earned assets while enjoying a real time online gameplay experience. Mostly valuable assets are NFT's (cthulhu's heralds, weapons, spells, houses, guilds, plot lands and so on). Through different in-game activities their assets can be upgraded in numerous game scenarios to progress in (PvP, PvE and GvG) possibilting more ways profit depending how progress you achieve in harder areas and expansions.

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