What is Apocalypse Game?
Apocalypse NFT Game Play-To-Earn.

Players can upgrade their weapons, wands and shields using $APOC tokens including level up, upgrades,  manufacturing, crafting and more!

Players will earn BUSD rewards throughout every fight and levels.

We aim to create the game as simplistic as possible yet advance for certain players to enjoy. First off, players would need to purchase APOC approximately of 200 BUSD or more depending on what they will require.

Player can now start recruiting their heroes through our mint tab and once they received their hero, they can proceed to the next sub tab under mint which is either weapon or wand (depending on their hero class). After receiving their desired weapon or wand, players can now proceed to mint shield under the shield sub tab.

Players who do not wish to mint could also proceed at the marketplace and purchase their desired heroes and items they wish to have. Players would now need to head over to the inventory tab and start equipping their hero, weapon/wand and shield, once that is done, they can head over to the fight tab and start their battle while earning for every battle that's won.

Players could also upgrade their items through level upgrade or manufacturing process for their heroes and items. Do check out the game updates tab for any new implementation and game features.

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