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What is Aquathereum?
Aquathereum is an unscripted blockchain integrated Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game where the economy is run by the players and is driven by in game mining, combat, exploration, trading, manufacturing, and quests. Ships, modules, and other in game assets are ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain which are owned, traded, and sold by the players. Aquathereum takes place more than 200 years in the future on the planet Exus, over 30 lightyears away from earth. Exus was a colony of planet Earth, but due to the distance and difficulty in managing the decentralized government, Earth’s reigning government gave independence to Exus. The game is based in an underwater world where players quest, mine, craft, war, and build powerful allies and clans in an effort to gain control and power, wage war on their enemies, and build the most magnificent underwater bases, buildings, ships, and modules Exus has ever seen. Assets in Aquathereum are player owned on the blockchain – players have full control of their assets and can sell and trade them as they wish outside of the game (in game marketplace will be available as well). The planet is primarily covered by water, however, resource rich pockets of land exist throughout the world and can be found, colonized, and fought over for the resources, ships, buildings, and structures (surface and land based play is a future phase of development).

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