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What is Arazm?
Arazm is a 3D turn-based strategy RPG game released globally. Based on mythical heroes from around the world, Arzam highlights strategic gameplay and offers multiple game modes. After entering the game, the players can obtain the Treasure Chest Fragments through adventures, which can be combined into Treasure Chests. The rare game assets obtained from the Treasure Chests can be used to improve hero attributes or sold on the blockchain market place. Even more attractive is the high BNB rewards from the PVE and PVP Leaderboard Prize Pools. The amount of money in the pools will change daily in accordance with the number of transactions, which adds a lot of fun to the game.Revolt Games Studio was established in 2019 with its core team members from the Middle East and Asia, including experienced game publishers as well as enthusiastic young developers. Specializing in the development and production of strategy games, Revolution Games Studio aims to create a strategic mobile game comparable to Hearthstone. A mythical game project that the team has put in the most efforts in designing and polishing since the establishment of the studio, Arazm is positioned as a moderate strategic mobile game for global users. The team hopes to fully communicate with gamers around the world through the game and bring the most enjoyable gaming experience to the players. Meanwhile, the team hopes to grow rapidly through continuous exchanges, present more and better ideas through the game, and bring more fun to everyone!

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