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What is ArenaSwap?
ArenaSwap is a decentralized exchange platform built on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) that focuses on gamification of yield farming.

Our vision is to make DeFi and yield farming mainstream through gamification and storytelling, creating an ecosystem that supports the value of our token and NFTs.

We implement powerful deflationary mechanisms to safeguard the token value. Gamified gambling and an NFT collectible game are developed as part of the ecosystem to achieve thisLeaderboard Rewards
TLDR: Be part of the most vigorous battles. Kill as much as possible and avoid being killed.
The Apex Points reward in ArenaSwap
Apex Points (AP) are rewarded as the cycle prize. AP can be considered as the in-game PYRAM which is convertible with a standard rate in the Arena Treasury system.
Please note that AP is NOT any of the game points mentioned below. Therefore losing a battle will NOT result in any deduction of AP. It just means you earn less PYRAM.
While AP can be converted to PYRAM after the locking period, there are many in-game for AP. There are different ways to consume the rewarded ArenaSwap.
Cycles & Rounds
Each cycle consists of a defined timeframe. All the game rounds happening within the cycle's time frame count as part of the cycle.
Each cycle has two parts of rewards, designed for different purposes:
Cycle Point Prize Pool - to ensure mass players receive a standard prize.
Cycle Ranking Prize Pool - for rewarding the top players to earn a huge prize.
Two regular cycles are concurrently running:
Four-hour cycle- emphasizes the Cycle Point Prize Pool in ArenaSwap, with the small Ranking Prize Pool acting as a bonus.
Weekly Championship - A large Cycle Ranking Prize Pool but small Point Prize Pool.
Special cycle will be arranged with additional rewards.
The total size of the prize pool is determined by the number of players involved in the cycle and the adjusted average income per player.
Game Round
Kill Players and NPCs to obtain points (KILL Points), and avoid being killed (DEATHs) to prevent deduction of points.
Round Points (RP)* is the weighted sum of kills and deaths a player has in a game round.
Killing players award triple the points of killing a common NPC.
Self Killed deducts more points than being killed.
Round Ranking (RR) is the ranking ordered by the RP of a game round.
The Player's Round Ranking Share (RRS) is calculated according to the RR in the game round.
1st: 100%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 10%
4-10th: 5%
The Round Character Multiplier (RCM) is the point multiplier of the character the player used to play the game round.
A rarer and upgraded character has a higher multiplier (maximum up to 1.5x).
This can ensure the profit is in proportion with the financial investment on the NFT.
The Round Weight (RW) of the game round is the sum of KILL Points generated by ALL players of a game round / Total KILL Points generated in a game cycle. (The sum of RW in a game cycle is equal to 1)
The player's Round Weighted Share (RWS) is RRS * RCM * RW
As a result, For a game round that caused more player kills(i.e., more intensive), it will weigh more in a cycle, and the participants of that round will share more from the prize pool.
The player's Round Weighted Points (RWP) is RWS * Total KILL Points of a cycle.
This is a simple incremental indicator of the achievement(s) of a player in a cycle.
The Ratio of ​
The character's Round Credit Ratio(RCR) is the proportion of a character can earn Apex Points vs. Apex Credit
The Round Weighted Credit Ratio (RWCR) is RCR * RW
The Cycle Weighted Credit Ratio = Sum of Player's CWCR in a cycle
As a result, if you use characters with high RCR all the time(which usually is), your prize will be mainly received as Apex Points. While if we use some characters with lower RCR, it will increase the amount of prize rewarded in Apex Credit.
Expected Prize of a Cycle:
The prize calculation of the two prize pools:
Player Cycle Game Point Prize
Cycle Share (CS) = (Sum of Player's RWS) / (Sum of all eligible Player's RWS)
Cycle Point Prize (CPP) = CS * Cycle Point Prize Pool
Player Cycle Ranking Prize
The Cycle Ranking (CR) is decided by the total RP accumulated in a cycle.
A separated pool is distributed according to the CR.
1st: 100x (68%)
2nd: 25x (17%)
3rd: 10x (6.8%)
4th &5th: (3.7%)
Cycle Ranking Prize (CRP) = CR * Cycle Ranking Prize Pool
However, there are two cutoff criterions for being eligible to share the prize pool.
The players who don't have minimum RP obtained is removed.
A player needs to kill at least a few NPCs without being killed too many times.
The top N% (e.g., 90%) of the players who fulfilled the minimum RP requirement are eligible to share the prize pool
The cycle price will be distributed to the player when the cycle is finished and in the combination of Apex Points and according to the CWCR of a player in the cycle

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