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AtariNFT Blockchain technology allows collectors to enter a marketplace where they can purchase digital AtariNFT Collectible Boxes, propose and execute trades, showcase their inventory on social media, and search wishlists of other traders.

This collection includes 67 different designs, represented in 5 stunning rarities, plus 7 ultra-rare Collector's Edition designs (342 total variations):

Base — (Common)
Laminated — (Uncommon)
Build Up — (Rare)
Spin — (Super Rare)
Gold Edition — (Super Rare)
Collectors Edition — (Ultra Rare)

TARI and WAX have teamed up to bring collectibles from the pop culture video game phenomenon to the blockchain!Collectors around the world can buy, gift and trade Atari digital collectibles (called NFTs). Each NFT is certified authentic, unique, and can never be altered. If you have Atari Packs, you can sell or trade them, or open the Packs to reveal the boxes inside.You can transfer your Atari WAX Packs and Collectible Boxes to someone else by visiting the WAX Wallet and clicking on the transfer icon on the top of the collectible. Then enter the wallet name of the community member that you wish to trade with. Optionally provide a memo for the recipient. Then click "Send". You can also visit AtomicHub's Trading interface and trade your items for other items.All the Atari WAX Packs or Boxes on WAX that you own appear in the "NFTs" section which can be found in your WAX Wallet.

Atari® is an interactive entertainment company. As an iconic brand that transcends generations and audiences, the company is globally recognized for its multi-platform, interactive entertainment and licensed products. Atari® owns and/or manages a portfolio of more than 200 games and franchises, including world-renowned brands like Asteroids®, Centipede®, Missile Command®, Pong®, and RollerCoaster Tycoon®. Atari® has offices in New York and Paris. Visit us online at

For more information on the Atari® Token, please join Atari® Telegram at and visit

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