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What is AtlantisMeta ?
An interactive, virtual reality, experience about sea exploration, where you can learn about the subaquatic world, raise awareness about the ocean care and conservation of the sea life, at the same time obtaining economic benefits that will be shared with the different marines’ organizations and foundations.

A subaquatic Metaverse built with Unity and integrated with the blockchain using very solid smart contracts within the Polygon network where you can play using your virtual reality headset and expanding the experience with your mobile.

AtlantisMeta - A mixed reality experience exploring into the underwater world and using Augmented reality with your phone to discover a new way to learn and save the Ocean.

Blend physical reality and the digital world closely together, where the physical and virtual worlds interact with you and your friends.

Get your VR headset and live the whole Experience Exploring into the Underwater World. Augment reality with your phone and discover a New Way to learn and Save the Ocean.

Using a submarine, you can explorer a subaquatic open world interacting with the sea life, knowing about them, and discovering hidden treasures inside coffers where you can find subs parts, tokens or other tradable marine stuffs.

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