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What is Autoglyphs?
Autoglyphs are an experiment in generative art, each one unique and created by code running on the Ethereum blockchain. A glyph can be created by anyone who is willing to donate the creation fee of 0.20Ξ ($398) to our chosen charity, The creator of the glyph will then also become the first owner of the glyph. However, after 512 glyphs have been created, the generator will shut itself off forever and the glyphs will only be available on the secondary market.

Now that we have deployed the project to Ethereum, it is important to note that we no longer control the code that generates the art, nor the code that manages the ownership of the glyphs. This is a crucial difference from art that is editioned and sold by an artist or gallery. It allows a long-term guarantee of ownership, provenance and edition size that is independent of any central authority.

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