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What is Avarik Saga Universe?
The journey of the 8,888 generative personas of loyal Knights, crafty Archers, and arcane Wizards in 4 clashing factions.

The dawn of a new era is here. Don your armor for this next wave.

The dawn of a new era is here Avarik Saga Universe . Don your armor for this next wave.
In a world where greed runs rampant in the trader’s towns, hunter’s forests, and pirate’s waters, the line between good and bad is a fickle thing. Noble heroes stray from good, and villains bear dark history and misunderstandings. But one thing is clear in this medieval land of Avarik— each one possesses the heart of a warrior, eager for gold, guts, and glory.
Traversing through the digital sphere of art and cryptography, the world of Avarik Saga materializes from the beautifully elaborate merge. Weaving stories to breathe life into every 8,888 unique personas in Avarik Saga, we transport you to the raw and imaginative world of Knights, Wizards, and Marksmen. An escape from the glum of reality, you can put a twist on your own morals and beliefs, and spin a story of a worthy adventure with real-life tokens and friends. Discover yourself and find your home in feisty Ignis, mystical Tenebris, benevolent Terra, and fluid Glacia faction in Avarik. The Avarik Saga tales from your eyes in a different body. Leave your doubts behind, and pierce through the ceiling of imagination in the land of Avarik, a new world of chances for everyone.
Avarik Saga aims to be the leading NFT creator in Indonesia that will open the doors to a P2E (play-to-earn) game for its diverse community. As a forefront of this strategic venture, Avarik Saga goes beyond a game for blockchain players to the peak of a modern era game that will introduce blockchain to millions of players.
Leveraging Blockchain technology, Avarik Saga allows players to gain economical benefits through game rewards for their contributions. Players can earn rewards through:
Recruiting Avariks and selling them on the marketplace.
Competing in various battles in the Avark Saga Universe to win tournament awards.
Collection of legendary and rare Avariks.
Farming utility tokens, the in-game currency to recruit and upgrade Avariks.

Pioneering the first-ever retro J-RPG game in the NFT space with nostalgic yet fresh and appealing features. Empowering Heroes to uncover endless economic possibilities while having fun.

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