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What is Avax Wolf Game?
Sheep and Wolves competing for $avaWOOL on a farm in the metaverse. Nothing but blockchain. No roadmap. Fully in the Public Domain.

- Exploits of eth game fixed.

- phase 2 : Cows and Golden cows are here ! Milk to cow to get $avaMilk !

- phase 3 : Farmers are here

- phase 4 : Circular economy and liquidity

AvaxWolfGame is a fork of eth Launched at the end of November, they have had slow but continuous organic growth from the start. This allowed them to take advantage of the experience of others games to know what to do and what to avoid It is probable that the wolfgame will mark history but that ethereum fees will prevent playing it: and Avax Wolf Game seems to have the ambition to want to become and stay the game of the wolf who resists time They were inspired by the circular economy proposed by Chikn and we started to create their diagram. They have expanding the concept of the “simple” wolf game to something more complex and more funny They have already integrated cows that give milk, and this month they are preparing to implement the new features … They programmed for the beginning of the year rare items (cheese to start) and after an interactive map. They don’t want to airdrop just png lands, but lands with a map and playable things! We discussed with and they want people to earn money like on Police Thief, but also to become a crypto archaeological game in the future like Mooncat or Cryptocat for Nft world.

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