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Avion Finance is a DaaS + NFT project on Binance Smart Chain.

If you solely hold the $AVION tokens WITHOUT the NFT then you will have a fixed APY of 5,000%
Holding the NFT + $AVION Token will boost your APY from 99,999%-399,999%
Rebases every 30 minutes
You can only stake 1 NFT per wallet. Holding an NFT in your wallet will auto stake and auto compound your $AVION tokens
Mint allocation will be capped to 3 for the time being and possibly rise later on.
Only one NFT or the highest tier NFT in your wallet will auto stake and auto compound.
There is a 15,000 NFT Collection. This is to limit the amount of investors with high APYs.Tier 1 (99,999% APY) 80% chance to mintTier 2 (199,999% APY) 15% chance to mintTier 3 (399.999% APY) 5% chance to mint
The first 1500 Mints will get a custom physical NFT collectible video frame from Infinite Objects at no additional cost.
Avion's Anti-Dump Mechanism is crucial to sustaining upward price action and to incentivizing ethical profit-taking for the protocol. This works by limiting the selling percentage to 1% of your total tokens held per day. You can sell 1% daily or hold for 7 days and on the 7th day, you can sell 10% where it will remain that balance until you sell.
Buy tax set at 10%
Transfer Tax set at 40% (To avoid price manipulation)
Sell tax is set at 20% (Breakdown in the Taxes section of the WP)

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