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What is AZ World SocialFi?
What Is AZ World SocialFi (AZW)? The strengths of AZ World: What is AZ World Feature:

AZ  World is a 3.0 "SocialFi" To Earn Platform with a lot of new  improvements and innovations optimized for users and content creators to  make passive earnings. 2021 We had GameFi - Play To Earn - Click To  Earn - Move To Earn.Now Its time of Interact to Earn - SocialFi To Earn.

Experience  of Dev team in MMO and APP development outsourcing market for more than  10 years. Bonus cash flow is new cash flow from 3rd party ( Advertising publisher ) make token price stable.

It  will be different from traditional model. This model brings  sustainability to the project and the price of the token. The first  model on the BNB chain in the field of SocialFI and Interact To Earn.

Get Short Link 2 Earn
Offer 2 Earn
Cash Back For Shopping
Paid To Click - ADS
Refer 2 Earn
Ads Protocol - AI system
Live Channel
Lucky wheel
Membership subscription

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