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What is Babilu Online ?
Babilu Online MMO virtual room builder where users can import and display their EXISTING NFT's from other ecosystems within their rooms and enjoy them with friends. Babilu is focused on providing a play to earn structure through the use of lootboxes & DARIC our internal deflationary game token.

Users are also able to Trade/Gamble NFT's in a P2P manner within the game via Smart Contracts & utilizing VRF mechanisms for provably fair results. Users are able to earn NFT 1155 loot boxes through in-game activity and then open or sell the lootboxes to others. play and enjoy the metaverse game of Babilu Online

Lootboxes can be opened by burning the internal game token DARIC, Once opened via smart contract the lootbox contains a random NFT item from a "collection" of items which the user can place and utilize within their rooms. Additional collections & drops will be via community driven competitions & sponsored events.

The platform will utilize ICP for all its underlying room connectivity to ensure full decentralization of the game along with providing alternative VRF providers such as ChainLink to be utilized within our smart-contracts.Multiplayer Virtual room builder where users can import and display their existing NFT's (cross-chain)

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