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What is BambooDeFi?
BambooDeFi is now part of the Binance Smart Chain, operating on the PancackeSwap platform and allowing Bamboo token holders to convert their ERC-20 to BEP-20 via the bridge deployed and accessible at in the ETH section.

After several weeks of being audited by the firm Red4Sec, the smart contracts are now fully reviewed to ensure the security of users. The audit can be reviewed on the project website, in the documentation area.

Now, Bamboo is a digital panda that runs on two blockchains and allows its followers to exchange value between the Ethereum and Binance networks. Not to mention the special financial incentives for providing liquidity in pairs in its pools and farming the token.

This offer is completed with other products... staking, lotteries or the YieldFarming system multiplier. Even with the option to improve yields with combined operations. (And a few more surprises that are already in the pipeline and will be coming in the near future).

Liquidity can be added to the BUSD/BAMBOO and BNB/BAMBOO pairs via PancakeSwap.

However, from own site, liquidity can also be added to BTCB, CAKE, USDT, DAI and CBK (the token from the Crossing The Yellow Blocks documentary).

Over the coming weeks, new pairs will be added to expand the range of options.

Already listed on Pancakeswap,Uniswap, MEXC, & Tokpie.


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