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What is BananaKatana?
By playing BananaKatana, players can win up to $100,000 in NFTs and tokens every week! Simply register through our Telegram bot ( and you are immediately eligible to win daily airdrops!

Improve your daily airdrop chance by getting high-scores, playing more games, referring friends and holding more $RSUN. Now grab your katana and get ready to slice some fruit!Hold $RSUN. Slice fruit. Get airdrops. Casual blockchain gaming has just gone bananas!

BananaKatana is the first play-to-earn game integrated with Telegram and it’s live!

Simply hold at least 1000 RisingSun ($RSUN) tokens, register your Binance Smart Chain wallet, and win up to $100,000 in NFTs and tokens every week!

How It Works
Hold at least 1000 RisingSun ($RSUN) tokens
Send your Binance Smart Chain wallet address to the BananaKatana Rewards Bot on Telegram
Join the official BananaKatana group
Play BananaKatana on Telegram to win daily airdrops
Win Airdrops & Prizes
The best players are eligible to win daily airdrops! Grab your katana and get ready to slice some fruit for the chance to win:

Samurai crate (~$120) — contains a random NFT card playable in SamuraiRising
$INF crate — contains $1 — $500 in $INF (RisingSun’s reward token)
Land NFT coupons — 50% discount on land purchases
Reward distribution will begin on November 1st. Additional types of rewards are coming soon! All rewards are usable in RisingSun’s play-to-earn ecosystem or can be exchanged to $BNB via ApeSwap or NFT marketplaces.

Want to improve your chances of winning? The chances of receiving an airdrop and the size of the reward are multiplied by the number of $RSUN tokens you hold! Every player gets assigned a score based on their daily high score, number of games played and $RSUN tokens held.

Share & Win 10,000 $BUSD
BananaKatana is all about revolutionizing the way people experience play-to-earn gaming, and that means introducing it to as many people as possible. That’s why players who share BananaKatana on Telegram are eligible to win up to 10,000 $BUSD!

For your chance to win:

Invite @bananakatana_bot into your Telegram group
Share BananaKatana in your group
Be the first to play the game and get a score (so we know who shared it)
Get everybody playing and holding $RSUN
Grab your katana and get ready to slice some fruit!

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