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What is Battle Pets?
Battle Pets’ is a brand new blockchain-based pet battle game, which is a game of incubating, growing, fighting, and exchanging pets. Players can purchase pet eggs in the game through the Binance smart chain, incubate and grow, fight and farm, obtain and trade weapons and equipment.

Players, as pet trainers, can obtain different pets and grow them to make them stronger, so that they have the opportunity to defeat opponents and obtain rare items and pet eggs.

After successfully finishing our IDO along with a series of activities with our partners, our cute pets have more and more fans.

Everyone is curious about how our pets will battle in the game, what their $PET coins can be used for, and how to profit from the game. Now we are here to introduce them.

On the basis of the Binanace Smart chain, many DeFi elements are added to make ‘‘Battle Pets’’ not only a game, but also a finanical product, which we call it ‘GameFi’.

‘Battle Pets’ is not one game, but a series of games, which will be launched gradually from November 2020, and we will keep iterating them in the future.

1. Weapon system

All battle pet's need to be geared up to make them stronger. It is very important to have weapon system designed for a playable battle game. Meanwhile, the concept of DeFi as well as has been applied to Battle Pets game, which means weapons in the game are tokenized and able to be farmed by players.

Players may purchase weapons and equipment with $PET to arm up their Battle Pet's and make them more powerful in battles! Weapons can be upgraded, and can also be traded. A superior weapon can significantly increase the battle power of a pet.

2. Arena Battle - Players may stake their battle pet's and a certain amount of $PET in the arena as an arena occupier, occupier gets $PET from staking. Other player can challenge the occupier with certain amount of $PET. Players fight their battle pets against each other 1v1 in the arena. and lot  more............

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