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What is Bee'n'Bee?
🐝The Bee'n'Bee (BNB) - is a decentralized application built on the Binance Smart Chain. The object of the game is to build more Hives sooner and more often than another beekeeper. This in turn earns you more BNB faster. The Bees in Hives work for you tirelessly, giving you a daily average of 6% ( 2190% APR ) of your farmers' value.

This platform works similarly to a financial market, where an asset has intrinsic value that is relative to the supply or demand of a said asset. Hives are purchased with a pre-determined currency at a price relative to the Hives’ current mining efficiency rate. After the Hives are purchased, they start producing honey for you right away to give you the best yield on your investment possible, for as long as possible. Just as any other asset bought and sold on an open market, the price of a Hive will fluctuate over time, as will the mining efficiency rate, as you and other players build hives, compound earnings, and sell earnings. To put it plainly, the more demand for the Hives, the more they will increase in value and the more yield they will produce. Inversely, when the demand decreases, so will the value of the Hives and their daily return on investment.  The main difference between this game and a traditional financial market is that a Hives cannot be sold, only the value they provide can be sold. As the players of the game as a whole compound their earnings and make new deposits, the game efficiency rate will stay relatively constant, but the moment players start to sell more than they are compounding, the efficiency rate will begin to drop to preserve the TVL and longevity of the game.

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