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Beyond Medieval is a next-gen metaverse focused on medieval fantasy, currently in development, where players are free to become whoever and whatever they want to do.

A metaverse with an economic system where every player matters, encourages player cooperation as, from an ingredient for a potion to a sword, all game elements are made or gathered by the players.

Access the benefits of owning or renting a home. The right to vote and to run for political office. Take control of the guard, raise or lower taxes, be corrupt or honest, appoint your friends.

A metaverse where you can socialize in every corner, especially in the taverns or inns, where the owners can organize attractive events. Develop a religion, a guild, a dynasty with other players.

How to play
You do not need to make any investment to play, but it helps the development of the project and gives you in-game and hopefully out-of-game benefits.

At the start of the game you will be able to work for other players in the metaverse, participate in tournaments or in the war. When you have a small treasure you will be able to develop your path more easily. Remember that you can play as you want. You can lie down in any corner and beg for alms. Or if you have made an investment, sell buildings or start a prosperous business.

There are no classes in the game, so you can change profession at any time or develop several at the same time. You can also use different weapons in the war, you gain experience with their use and lose it little by little as long as you do not exercise.
In Game Economy
Bixer: In-game currency and tradable out-game, Bixer equals gold in game. Total supply: 300,000,000

Bline: Tradable in-game currency, with ratio 1 Bixer = 100 Bline, Bline equals silver. Total supply: 30,000,000,000

Bicu: Tradable in-game currency, with ratio 1 Bline = 100 Bicu, Bicu equals copper. Total supply: 3,000,000,000,000

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