What is BinaHero?
BinaHero is a decentralized NFT game that integrates collection of NFT heroes, mining, market trading, and PVE. Players can play to earn in the game.

Players can continuously collect and upgrade Hero, and get rewards through mining or trading. players can also let hero go through levels to win rewards.

BinaHero World
⚡️Bina Continental experienced a catastrophe thousands of years ago. The Devil King who was demonized by greed and evil thoughts led a devil army formed by tens of millions of devil soldiers to invade the entire continent, burn, kill, plunder, and enslave the human race.

🩸The Protoss once sent messengers to the Bina continent to bring the Soul Stone to the human race to use and teach the them to learn skills. The five heroes of Assassin, Mage, Fighter, Warlocks, and Warriors were born at that time, and they assembled to fight against the Devil. In a fierce battle, the team of heroes sacrificed their lives to spur the power of the soul crystal, sealing the Devils under the abyss, and finally the Bina Continent recovered peace and prosperity. For the eternal peace of the Bina Continent, the royal family united the heroes to form the BinaHero League and established the Hero Academy.
🌫However, the evil thoughts of greed cannot be completely wiped out. After ten thousand years of peace, accumulated desires have loosened the seal. The Devil is about to reappear, and the world will be plagued by calamity.
⚔️The Hero Academy has also successively cultivated a large number of strong heroes in thousands of years, and the human race has also found the lost Soul Stone to forge the abilities of the heroes. The human race will select elites from the heroes of the Hero Academy to form a new generation of Bina League to jointly defend against the Devil and maintain peace on the Bina Continent.

🎴You will play as a member of the BinaHero League, bring the Soul Stone, open the gate of the elements, and constantly become stronger in the training, and defeat the Devil with your companions, and become the hero who protects the Bina Continent.

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