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What is Binamars?
Binamars is a platform that integrates NFT games and decentralized yield farm applications. Joining Binamar  not only entertains you but also generates a lot of profit. Binamars Game is a Play to Earn NFT RPG developed on the Binance Smart Chain platform.

After many giant meteorites hit the Earth, the dragon species became extinct, but there are still many dragon eggs buried deep in the earth. The eggs cannot hatch because of the lack of Binamar element (Dragon Soul).Each dragon needs 5 days to grow into an adult dragon, during its development time it can spawn Binamar  every day on farms.

When dragons adult, they change in appearance and have many different characteristics depending on the species: ATK, HP, SPD, DEF. The adult dragon has the great task of fighting the invaders from another planet to protect the species and the Binamar  element they have produced.

Our mission is to send Dragon Eggs to Mars and hatch dragon eggs with the element Binamar . Then raise them in farms until they become adult dragons.

Ancient Eggs: Rare dragon spawn rate is 10%

Purple Eggs: Rare dragon spawn rate is 25%

Green Eggs: Rare dragon spawn rate is 30%

Yellow Eggs: Rare dragon spawn rate is 35%

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