What is Binopoly?
Binopoly is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform that is centered around combining Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and real-world games into a single play-to-earn format. it integrates real geographic locations into a world that players seek to master by acquiring economic prowess and collecting land.The combination of reality and the metaverse stands as the ultimate goal of the  world; to abolish the clear distinction between the two and allow complete integrationBinopoly has been designed to completely integrate real-world locations and we will develop all different kinds of farming games incorporating realistic locales once the world has been prototyped.DAO], Other than that, we had always envisioned ourselves as ‘founders’ rather than ‘owners’ of Binopoly, thus our team will hold the same ideologies which blockchain was built upon – to create and to share. We have conviction at that some point in the future, Binopoly will be handed over to the community completely, to the countless brilliant minds with equally brilliant ideas. Only when control and ownership belong to everybody can Bino poly reach its true potential as a game dedicated for the enrichment of all its players, and we have unwavering proof the day in the very near future. just play

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