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BitiBots is a thrilling mix of yield farming and gaming on Binance Smart Chain.

The DApp follows a simple plot — building and breeding bitibots to fend off attacks from enemy bots called destrobots in BitiCity. You can own a bitibot by constructing one using 1 BNB or buying used ones in the marketplace.

Each bitibo is a non-fungible token and has a unique five-digit sequence on the blockchain. It can be common, uncommon, or rare. It consists of head, body, mouth, eye, and mental traits.

Constructing a bitibot from scratch makes it a generation 0 bot, which can be bred to produce offspring/generations with better qualities needed to fight and defend the virtual city. Only bots with similar eye traits can be bred together, and the higher the generation, the higher the rewards after completing tasks. Other generations of bots passively earn rewards in BITI — the game’s utility token.

Bitibots have a capped supply at 10,000, and breeding a pair of bots leads to the death of the parents, reducing the circulating amount.

it is an NFT game where you can construct, breed and trade your bitibots. Find the perfect pair of bitibots and use them to breed thethe next generation of bitibot who can mine faster.

10.000 unique bitibots of generation 0 are waiting to get constructed for their new owner!

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