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What is Blade Warrior?
Blade Warrior is an open blockchain game ecosystem. The team comes from well-known 3A game development companies and well-known international blockchain organizations.

We aim to redefine blockchain game through the perfect combination of heroes and fighting scenes, high-quality graphics, diversified gameplay and token economics. Blade insists on Play-to-Earn, and is committed to bringing users a perfect gaming experience while gaining substantial revenue from the game.

BladeWarrior is an immersive, fantasy, play-to-earn NFT blockchain game.


It was a time of darkness - ancient demons were awakened. Recovering magical items left behind by the old gods, these monsters claimed power for themselves. Ruthlessly, they hunted and slaughtered humans, eager to rule over the mainland, enslaving any survivors.

The leader of ancient warcraft, the Abyss Judge, tore a dark rift through the continent of Thrall, absorbing and devouring the dark matter energy of the entire world, threatening the very existence of humankind. The sight of ancient monsters sparked panic among the people. These beings of evil attacked and devoured villagers, and though some brave residents fought back with wooden weapons, it was to no avail. These monsters possessed extraordinary power, and ordinary civilians could not overcome them - their desperate cries could be hear for miles.

Against this dark backdrop, Prince Everley swore, in the name of the Blade Lord and on behalf of the royal family of the Edsab Empire, to provide shelter to those who had lost their families, and at the same time, to personally lead the defense forces against the ongoing attacks.

Soon afterwards, the Knights Templar, the strongest fighting force on the continent of Thrall, responded to the call of the Blade Lord. These knights hailed from the highest point of the Royal Castle of Vizima. The Knights agreed to form an alliance with the Edsab Empire, joining the Bright Camp with the purpose of discovering new ways of fighting against the forces of evil. Dan, leader of the Knights, raised his long knife and roared, "The dawn will come!"

The family of Sluvia, dwellers of the snow mountain peaks, then announced that they would be joining the Bright Camp. Due to the cold, harsh conditions and sparse population of the area, most of their structures remained untouched by the invasion of monsters. Lastly, the Land of Freedom was the least damaged by these attacks, thanks to the magical defenses placed over the land by the Thunder Mage Jinny, granting residents ample time to evacuate

At this point, all of the major forces on the continent of Thrall had announced that they were joining the Bright Camp. They sent forth their five most powerful heroes, the Blade Dazzle - Dan, the Bleed Phantom - Fiji, the Blade Lord - Prince Everley, the Thunder Mage - Jinny, and the Holy Archer - Gretchen, to fight against the Abyss Judge, swearing to restore the light of the world

Surprisingly, although a great number of monsters appeared in Valentuna, No Man's Land, the Bard family did not join the Bright Camp. According to observations made by the Knights Templar, the Bard family did not provide temporary shelters or emergency food to the people in the surrounding areas. Valentuna's deaths and injuries accounted for 70% of the entire Saar Continent, and half of them died of starvation. Therefore, the civilians of Valentuna fled in panic to the four safety zones of the Bright Camp. There were rumors that there were unspeakable secrets between the Bard family and the monsters. Was the appearance of these demons related to the Bard family? Where did they really come from? These doubts floated through the hearts of every inhabitant of the Saar Continent, but there was no doubt that the era of war and chaos had begun, that peace was no longer sustainable.

Blade Warrior is the first metaverse game built on OEC, an open blockchain ecosystem developed by OKEx, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Blade Warrior’s team comes from well-known AAA game development companies and international blockchain organizations.

We aim to redefine blockchain gaming through the perfect balance of high-quality graphics, varied gameplay, and community-friendly tokenomics. As pioneers in the play-to-earn sector, we are committed to bringing users a thrilling gaming experience, alongside generous revenue generating opportunities.

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