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Block Rewards is a mining simulator i.e. It is a gamified version of real mining. You mine the token of the pool you are participating in.

Users buy Blocks from BlockRewards using their BNB (or another token) in their metamask browser wallet. The Blocks produce daily rewards. The rewards accumulate for 24 hours after which you can either compound them for even more Blocks or you can sell them to cash out.

The Daily Return starts at 3% but its variable. This is the rate at which the Blocks are compounded. Real return on capital depends on net buying pressure and can range anywhere between approx 0.5% to Unlimited %.

Core metrics such as Buyer Bonuses, Referral rates, Daily Return % and JTVL fee can be updated to incentivize buying or to preserve TVL (to increase the lifespan of the miner).

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