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What is BlockArcade (WAX)?
Our goal with BlockArcade is to emulate the traditional arcade experience, just on the decentralized web! This vision includes arcade tokens using WAX, tickets for prizes using a custom token called TIX, and a prize counter to spend your tickets! BlockArcade is a team of entrepreneurs with experience building and delivering end-user applications. StackWave is a modern take on the classic Stacker arcade game. To play, simply insert some WAX then tap the screen to stop the blocks.
The goal of StackWave is to reach the top row by perfecly aligning the blocks all the way up.
Make it to the top with at least 1 block to win the jackpot!BlockArcade brings the nostalgia of visiting the arcades as a kid to the WAX blockchain. Compete against others in the exhilarating game StackWave where your goal is to reach the Minor jackpot for 10% of the jackpot or all the way to the top to win the Major jackpot! Weekly leaderboards pay out to the top 10. More games coming soon!lockArcade on IOST has been retired! We're very grateful for all of the support we've recieved by the community, but it's now time for us to part ways with IOST.

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