The Blockchain City is inspired by the real economy of a city, everything that is produced should be consumed inside of the game by others players, such as food, energy, water and much more kinds of goods.
In the game you will be able to choose you line of work and how to make a profit of this, you can produce finished goods to final customers or raw material for industries such as minerals, water, energy, farm goods, animals and much more.
All the business in the Blockchain City will need at least one employee, if you can't build your own business you can start work for somebody else and be paid with Gold City Tokens for that.

If you don't work, you won't receive, so remember that you should enter every day to complete your function on the company.
For create new buildings you going to need to have a research schematics and be the owner of a land, after that you will be able to start the construction of you new business.

There will be 5 types of zones, residential, commerce, office, industry and government, so for you be able to building you have to choose the right one.
Blockchain City's economy is based on the law of supply and demand, so every business has to buy and sell something, the higher the demand and the lower the supply, the more profitable a business will be, it will make all the difference in its profitability.

Before building something, take a look at the demand and supply of the goods that your company will produce, if the good has little demand and a lot of supply, it probably won't be very profitable.

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