lockchain Heroes is a collectible digital trading card set featuring original characters inspired by blockchain and cryptocurrency personalities! This set of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is available exclusively on the WAX blockchain.

Blockchain Heroes is a lovingly-crafted NFT collectible series on the WAX blockchain full of professionally-rendered characters who represent people and concepts in the world of blockchain.

Blockchain Heroes promises a wealth of awesome characters to discover, a rich and dynamic fictional megaverse to explore, regular community events with exclusive rewards, and serial surprises.

Blockchain Heroes is a megaverse of web3-inspired superheroes and villains battling for the fate of a rich, fictional world. Retro Rebellion is our 4th release, consisting of 40 richly-designed characters across a multitude of unprecedented variations alongside the largest collaborative effort seen on the WAX blockchain. Retro Rebellion packs are bursting at the seams, and will be available on January 21st!

40 characters rendered in 10 variations each, including coveted Secret 1:1s
Execute an ULTRABLEND for a chance to ascend and become a Blockchain Hero, with revenue share
40-song original synthwave soundtrack
Over 100 unique, exclusive assets provided by partner collections, many including P2E utility
Unique, NFT-generating staking system
Fusion of American 80s culture & cyberpunk.

After three sold-out series and over 100 original characters built into a sprawling NFT-based megaverse, Blockchain Heroes has adopted a synthwave-inspired, radical 80s theme for Retro Rebellion. Each of Retro Rebellion's 40 characters is an analogue for a real-world concept, entity or group that has spoken/acted in favor of or against the use of blockchain.

Through a "Saturday morning cartoon" lens, Blockchain Heroes is dedicated to illustrating a critical period in human history, as private individuals seize control of their finances, privacy, anonymity, and independence from a banking system which has been stacked against us. Retro Rebellion is our most ambitious series to date, and we've rallied a massive chunk of the WAX ecosystem to deliver even more value across scores of collections.

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