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What is Blocklete Golf?
Blocklete Golf is the flagship game from Blocklete Games, a division of Turner Sports. This is a new online sports video gaming experience that empowers fans to collect, train, trade and compete with unique digital athletes as they earn cash prizes and bragging rights along the way.Blocklete Games is an interactive gaming franchise built on the blockchain. Our vision is to build a sports metaverse that will engage, entertain and create value for its players. Our first title within the Blocklete Games portfolio is Blocklete Golf, a one-of-a-kind golf management game that enables digital ownership and utility via NFTs.
Blocklete Games is built to deliver on the value proposition that: “NFTs should benefit people through digital asset ownership.”
To do this, we’re building an NFT project that includes real utility for our community.. Blocklete Games levels up (pun intended) the core game mechanic by allowing the player to put time and effort into improving each Blocklete’s attribute levels and, therefore, value.
This is revolutionary in the industry because the path to improve NFT value is controlled by the player!Improve the NFT’s (ie, the Blocklete golfer’s) skill level through gameplay

Build a team of Novice golfers to try to win medals

Collect or earn access to rare Legend golfers

Potential to earn weekly cash from joining a Pro Shop and playing golf for your Pro Shop

Enter top golfers into tournaments to try to win cash prizes

Operate a Pro Shop NFT to get access to sell gear to other players (primary sales)

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