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What is BNB Cherries?
What is BNB Cherries?

BNB Cherries is a place where you can hire farmers that will non-stop grow Cherries for you. Therefore you can exchange cherries for BNB rewards.


After all expenses for mining you will be able to receive 8% of your initial investment every day.


Convince your friends to open a mine and receive 12% of their total investments.


Re-invest your daily rewards to hire more farmers that will non-stop grow cherries and increase your earnings exponentially.


5% fee on invest and sale of cherries (3% Owner wallet + 2% Marketing wallet). There is no fee taken when you re-invest your rewards.


Everybody has its own strategy, but the most popular and profit-proven strategy from experienced miners is 6/1. It means to re-invest 6 times per week and take profits 1 time per week. Taking profits too often will exhaust your mine and therefore decrease your return on investment in the short and in the long run.

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