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What is BnB Miner Pirates?
BNB Miner Pirates is designed for individuals with a long-term vision. It is not for those who want instant profits that ultimately harm others. Miners can be viewed as internal tokens whose value rises and falls based on the combined actions of the community, just like any other coin or token that you may hold. But, unlike your average coins and tokens, BNB Miner Pirates allows you to stabilize and increase your TVL by taking long-term advantage of its compound feature.

TVL is your current estimated "total value locked", an estimated value of your total miners. Once miners are hired, they work for you indefinitely, therefore your TVL can not be withdrawn in one lump sum. When you hire miners , they fill your barrel with BNB throughout the day with an estimated daily total of 3% of your TVL. You can pocket or compound the BNB accumulated in your barrel at any time. Pocketing too often will ensure a decrease in TVL, which in turn will ensure a decrease in your daily payouts. The value of miners continuously increases and decreases throughout the day, therefore it is normal to see your personal TVL fluctuating as your barrel continues to fill.

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