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What is BNB Ultra?

How to buy and earn passive income with Bnbultra?

It's simple! Buy charges with a chosen BNB investment and you will convert your funds into TVL and a set number of charges. Be Cautious Charges are inflationary that means there value rise and drop!

Make sure to read the FAQ guide as available on the app: and to understand the strategies and risks! :)

What can I expect by investing on bnbultra?

Bnbultra offers you the chance to earn 3% daily profits that you can either pocket or compound to earn more on the long run. It's simple, and the team hopes you love our application and our community!

How to maximize profits?

There are two ways you can maximize your profits:

- Use you referral link and share it to your friends! Whenever they invest, you will receive 10% of their investment directly withdrawable or compoundable in your battery!:)

- Compound to hedge against downtrends! When holders decides to pocket their investment, they are taking value from the miner's smart contract decreasing TVL for everyone. Only one way for that: compound! When you compound, you buy more charges using your battery. You will make much more profits in the long term when more investors join the adventure!

What to do if my TVL goes down?

Have patience! People will withdraw, compound & reinvest as time goes. If you trust the project and love the community you belong to, compounding is the way to secure much more profits as time passes!

Bnbultra development team is committed to the satisfaction of all of our investors.

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