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What is BNBRagnarok?
BNBRagnarok is coming to you soon! BNBRO is an ever-evolving environment made for you to explore its expansive world. Explore the game and its lore, fight monsters, challenge others in the PVP arena, battle stronger monsters in our weekly MVP maps, whilst earning yourself some awesome BNB and ZENY!

🎮 Extremely easy to Play-To-Earn

💰 Earn up to 5% from a referral in Game Ecosystem

🩸 Idle Quest ( Stake & Farming NFT & Token )

🩸 Player Versus Environment (PvE)

🩸 Weekly Event with a lot of Rewards!

🔰 Kyced By Pinksale

✅ Audited By Solidproof

Our current weird and overly comfortable time has made humanity weak, helpless, and complacent. Olden Norse gods took notice of these more fragile times, brought everyone back to the 2000s using ancient technology, and drove everyone into a world filled with treacherous monsters buried deep in the blockchain.
Now players have to venture into the world of BNBRagnarok. A world that the old gods designed to challenge this weaker humankind, make them stronger, more vigilant, and even kinder towards others. These challenges do not come empty; Odin himself bestowed upon them for whosoever shall win, reaps the right to claim their rewards, in tokens of BNB, ZENY, and multitudes more!
You might be one of the chosen ones to defeat all the monsters plaguing the land. With that, you are allowed to multiply your ZENY’s in a magic vault. Enforcing the strength of the BNBRagnarok kingdom will enrich your character beyond your wildest dreams. Over 300,000 magical charms infuse your ZENY with the power to grow over time.
While traveling the land and winning your ZENY from defeating monsters, you will be presented with opportunities to refine better and equip your characters to conquer even more gruesome creatures!
This is it; it is the time to rise! Gather your fellowship, grab your weapons, and travel all over Midgard and claim what was rightfully yours, true glory!
**This lore is fantasy is written, some facts about the project are applied in a creative way for us and you to have fun and enjoy playing the game. Please read further in the doc for more accurate information.

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