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BroadcastersNFT are a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The 1st generation consists of 7,777 arts randomly assembled from over 300 traits. Broadcasters have a variety of outfits, screens and colours. Each broadcaster is comprised of a unique body, head, screen, outfit & accessories. Welcome to the Broadcaster NFT Family.Unravel the most vintage collection of generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Not only is a Broadcaster the perfect profile picture, but it also gives you access to exclusive community benefits. Your Broadcaster is a ticket to enter all contests and raffles planned for the project giving you a chance to win BIG.EBC is a mint-pass, giving holders exclusive benefits. We wanted to be different from others and made our Mint Passes in the form of an awesome looking comic.BroadcastersNFT Each EBC is different. Each has a unique badge number.

What you get if you're an EBC holder:
•Early Access to mint 1st generation of Broadcasters, eliminating gas war.
•Two Year Early Mint Access for Broadcasters drops.
• Each EBC holder can claim 1 BCS token for JUST gas.
• Each EBC holder can mint up to 3 BCS tokens per 1 EBC token on presale for 0.04 ETH per BCS token, NOT MORE.
•1:1 Airdrop of 3D Broadcasters, unique Metaverse 3D avatars, coming later this year.
•1:1 Airdrop of derivative project Frogcasters drawn by robchick_
•Access to exclusive ETH raffles only for EBC holders.
•Printed Comics, packed and shipped wherever you want all over the globe.
•PDF version.
•Exclusive Discord Chat just for EBC Holders

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