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What is Bunny Knights?
The Project

Bunny Knights is a working-in-progress RPG game on the Tezos blockchain. The characters are pixel art bunnies that can be traded as NFT assets and they also will be used to play a PVP game in the future.

Attention: The game isn’t finished yet and we don't have any release dates for now.

Bunny Knights is a non-fungible token (NFT) project created on the Tezos network through the Hic et Nunc platform (A big marketplace where artists can sell and buy digital goods like images, videos and music)

The main proposal of this project is to produce 500 unique medieval-fantasy bunnies in pixel-art. In the collection you will see bunny knights, bunny warriors, bunny archers, bunny mages and all kind of classes from RPGs (And yes, all of them have stats like level, strength, agility and more!).


When someone buys an NFT, he or she could have interest in the art itself, in your functionality (e.g: like an item for boost your character inside a game) or as an investment purpose.

When you buy a Bunny Knights, for sure you can have one of these objectives in mind or all of them together: collect bunnies for fun (aren't they cute?), using them as an investment strategy (Bunny Knights get more valuable over the time!) and use them as a key to access an interactive project that is being prepared. It's up to you!
First of all, you will need a Tezos Wallet and Tezos. For these initial steps, we recommend this article. After setup your wallet and learn how to buy tezos, you have two options to get start: Primary and Secondary Market.

Difficulty: Very Hard, Prices: 1-10 Tezos each

The official marketplace. But different to the physical world, the prices here are considerably smaller than the secondary market. In that way, the primary collectors can sell them with a great profit margin in the future. "omg I want to buy the half collection right now from the primary market!!1". Not so easy: For guarantee the chance for different group of people and avoid bots, we're doing different kind of sales and challenges on Twitter and Discord.


Difficulty: Easy, Prices: The market will determine

In this market, you're purchasing the bunnies listed for sale from the other collectors. There's no rules for the prices and the market will adjust it basing in the Bunny Knights rarity and your unique traits. You can see all Bunny Knights listed for sale on the home page.

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