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What is BunnyPark?
Bunny Park is a DeFi + NFT project deployed on Binance Smart Chain. The program focuses on NFT SaaSization and product standardization to allow more variety of NFT gameplay, product rules and application value to be output in a series of standard smart contracts. Through this way, more NFT projects and artists would be able to quickly form NFTs and NFT platforms, promoting BunnyPark as the DeFi Lego in the NFT sector. At the same time, among the features of BunnyPark include Farm, CropPool, NFT mining, Swap apart from the various traditional DeFi platform functions. Furthermore, various interesting sections such as interstellar expedition, NFT Blind Boxes, NFT Social Exchange, NFT Park as a high quality content incubation platform, NFT SaaS standardized platform, NFT creation platform etc will be available on BunnyPark to promote valuable usage of NFTs.Deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), BunnyPark is an novel and secure decentralized application ,full of
opportunities and enjoyments. The developer friendliness and openness of BunnyPark enables it be compatible with
mainstream and innovative DeFi products. It supports more than DEX, oracle machines, NFTs, liquidity proof of work,
loan and insurance among other common features, but as well allows to quickly build and flexibly assemble
distributed applications (Dapps) of any forms via universal developer protocol

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