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Based on the popular BNB Miner project -- Stablecoin variant What is BUSD Minter?

BUSD Minter is not to be confused with farms. Minters are not bought, they're hired and therefore can not be sold. Once minters are hired they work for you indefinitely, providing you with an unlimited amount of BUSD at a starting rate of 3% daily. Strategies are personal, you either strictly compound AKA "Hire More Minters", strictly pocket BUSD or you do a healthy combination of both. In our opinion the best strategy is to compound as often as profitable, considering transaction gas. Once you're happy with your daily, weekly or monthly results, take profits as often as you see fit and simply continue compounding the rest.

Strategies & Additional Information:

Verified Public Contract

The BUSD Minter contract is public, verified and can be found on BscScan.

Contract Adrress


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