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What is Cairo Finance?
Cairo Finance is a Defi Yield Farming Aggregator and Optimizer for the Binance Smart Chain. It aims to provide users with an easy way to automatically compound the returns of the investments made through the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The service provided will help individuals stake their crypto tokens and enjoy the benefits of compound interest without going through complex steps.
There are only 100,000,000 Cairo tokens in supply. Anything that goes into the Cairo Maximizer staking contract gets burnt to reduce the overall pool. 15% of all Cairo fees will be used by the team towards development to ensure rapid innovation and provide better services to users. Another step taken to improve the current token dynamic is through the implementation of a mechanism for floating rate emission (FRE). The system will use the FRE to buy Cairo at the market price.
The Cairo ecosystem is controlled by the community, which receives a part of the form performance profits by staking their own tokens in the Cairo Bank. All of those profits are collected in a pool and spread throughout the Cairo community in the form of rewards. The amount received by each individual member correlates with the amount of Cairo token staked (in relation to the total amount of the pool in %). You can therefore earn more in rewards, the higher your staked amount and influence on the ecosystem is.
Private Sale 1.25%
Pre Sale 2.22%
DEX 30%. - Vested!
CEX listing reserves 10% - Vested!
Marketing 5% - Vested
Staking rewards 51.52% - Vested!
BURN PROGRAM + Performance Fee which goes to LP!

UNICRYPT <- Cairo Pool lock details (20 years LP lock, 98% of the current pool size)

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