What is CardMaker - NatureTown?
CardMaker is a free UGC card game, in which players can customize card attributes and create story modules. The game revolves around card strategy and Roguelike, and finally players can make their own stories. The game combines the mode with gameplay and finance characteristic, exploring creativity and token mining at the same time. Its original mining mode, multi-town sharing economy system, playability and finance system bring high user loyalty. In the future, CardMaker aims to connect game to larger market and conventional platforms such as Steam.”Hero system” Preview:
In order to expand the further functions in the future, the original “Role system” will be updated to “Hero system”. This update will sort out the original role system.

First, we add a “level” attritube on the original Roles.

Heroes can upgrade to increase their attributes. Just need to fight and consume energy to gain Heros experience (enter various modules).

Players can get “Hero card” (original “Roles”) in the game. Heros do not repeat, the battle will tend to be diversified. Similarly, the hero card will be superimposed together, which is no longer a tedious scattered state.

CardMaker - NatureTown - Some Roles will be promoted to “Heros” and some will be merged and replaced, then we could refine the design of the remaining heroes.

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