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What is Castle Buidl?
Castle Buidl is an Ethereum based construction game. You can create digital castles from scratch by using many different digital pieces (ERC721). Instead of storing your ERC721, you can actually play with them. This game is based on the Ethereum blockchain.Castle Buidl is an Ethereum based construction game.

he old school tower defense game is back, as a play-to-earn based NFT blockchain game, Castle Defense. Now defend, attack and grow your territory with your NFT Castle.

Sponsors buy NFT Castles that can be used by players who contribute XP to the castle while playing the game, thereby making it stronger and increasing the value of the NFT Castle. The sponsor can also sell the upgraded castle on the NFT Castle Market and earn a profit on sales.

This ecosystem will allow castle owners to hire Esports players to occupy a piece of virtual land and use their NFT castles to defend it and grow their territory. The player can work their way up to be the King and earn additional tax income from other castle owners. The more upgraded castles you own, the easier it is to win and thus increasing your chances to become a King.

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